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Happiness is the Same Price as Red Bottoms

If you know me, you know I've been waiting for this day for ever. Ever since my shoe addiction started, I knew I wouldn't rest until I had Louboutins on my feet. Christian Louboutin is the God of Shoes and how could I call myself a shoe addict if I didn't have a pair in my collection.

There were a couple times I almost made the leap. However, adulting brings about car troubles and other responsibilities that take precedence over shoes (heavy sigh). I had tortured myself by trying on the perfect pair of booties in Nordstrom. Shame on the salesman working because all he needed to do was tell me I needed the boots and I was going to swipe my card. After reluctantly pulling myself away, I decided that after I paid off my second student loan, I was treating myself. At the time when I initially made that goal, I had roughly $18,000 left on that loan.

Living at home with my parents, I had been throwing money heavily at my student loans and into my savings. Things got real when I looked at my savings and realized that in a couple paychecks, I would be able to pay off that second loan if I dumped my savings. I did a lot of Google-ing and asking around on whether or not it would be wise to do this. After all, that money was hopefully going towards a house. I received the same response every time. Pay off the debt, rebuild your savings. I wasn't unhappy living with my parents. Our house is no more than 15 minutes away from every one of my places of employment, the dogs are there, no rent (I've offered!), and it's amazing to have a hot tub. Realistically, with the amount of time I spend working versus actually being home, it would be stupid of me to pay rent for a place by myself that I wouldn't be at very much (And I'm not too thrilled on the idea of having a roomie).

Why do you need Louboutins?

Technically I don't need them, but I want them. I've busted my butt in order to get myself into a position where I was able to get them for myself.

Where will you wear them?

Anywhere and everywhere. I have full intentions of showing off these shoes. I've worked hard for them and they're not made to be hidden for life.

Why would you pay that much money for shoes?

What's the difference between buying Louboutins or a new computer, gun, guitar, car upfit, etc.? Personal preference. I paid that much because that's my thing. Plus, there's no shame in rewarding myself for paying off a huge debt.

So here we are, my dream of having a pair of Red Bottoms has finally been achieved. On to the next challenge! And who knows, I still have one more student loan left to conquer, maybe I'll get another pair once that's paid off.

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