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Social Media Strategy


Developing a solid social media strategy is crucial to running a successful brand online. Posting without a strategy can lead to inconsistencies that will cause your target audience to disconnect from your brand. Don't just post to post. Post with a purpose.

When developing a social media strategy, I like to look from a high level view first. What are the business goals for the month and how can our marketing efforts support those goals? I utilize Asana, a project management tool, to help visualize my content calendar during the planning process. This helps me ensure I am spacing out posts and identifies any gaps that may need addressed. Once I begin capturing content, I utilize Hootsuite to get the posts scheduled and ready for publishing. 

I revisit my social media strategy each week to make adjustments based on social awareness, rising trends, or organic moments. Today's consumer wants to know that the brand they're supporting aligns with their personal morals and values. By keeping an open, flowing strategy, you allow yourself the ability to pivot based on what your audience wants or needs from your brand. The items you thought were important during the planning process may now be irrelevant and you need to be willing and able to adjust.

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