So Let's Try This Again...

There have been many times throughout the last year or so that I thought about picking up my blog again. I’ve really wanted to write and I’ve been told that I should be writing but I’ve been struggling to come up with a starting point. Struggling with a “brand” idea.

Not that I’m trying to become a famous blogger or anything like that, but everything you do online impacts your personal brand and how you’re perceived. As a professional in the communication field, my online presence is important.

I’m not really good at the whole ‘casual not-so-candid candid’ photos, so a style-driven blog is out.. Plus that’s not really my thing anyway. My life is way too busy trying to make ends meet right now to really make a traveling blog. I don’t eat healthy and am not overly adventurous with my food choices (fast food is life), so that’s not an option. I’ve got a fair amount of political opinions that will sneak their way out but I’m definitely not trying to make this a political blog. So we’re just going to try moving on with whatever pops into my head and feels worthy of publishing.

So here’s to blogging again.

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