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Yes, Women Love Sports Too.

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With the 100th season of the NFL officially kicked off and NHL preseason coming up, it seemed like an appropriate time to remind men that women can be sports fans too. The popularity of sports has continued to rise over the years and women are a part of that growing fan base. We’re investing our time, energy, and money into our favorite teams because we enjoy the game. Please stop making us constantly defend this fact.

Here are a few of the more frustrating things women have been asked over the years.

Can you name 10 players?

This question is normally followed up with the stipulation that the players cannot be stars. You must name the third string athletes or someone from the practice squad or else you are clearly a pretend fan.

Who’s hotter?

Another common assumption is that women just tune into sports to check out the “hot guys”. Yes, you caught us. If there were no attractive guys playing sports, we’d all be done watching. Now am I going to complain that there’s some eye candy out there? Not one bit. But it’s not why I watch. It’s just a bonus.

Is your jersey pink?

Nothing against women that choose to wear pink jerseys, but it’s just not my thing. It never has been. The team you’re cheering for is going to look out into the crowd and recognize the team colors. That’s who they’re going to hype up mid-game.

Do you even know the rules?

Yes, I do thanks. Please do not mansplain what just happened to me. If I legitimately have a question regarding a call/rule-change/etc., I’ll either ask or look it up myself.

Did you play sports in high school/college?

Because that’s the only way it would make sense that I like sports, right? Wrong.

What were so-and-so’s stats in their rookie year/college/etc.?

Oh yes. If you don’t have every stat memorized from the history of forever, you must not actually be a fan. Now, some people love to regurgitate stats and that’s their thing. Perfectly, fine. Others just love and appreciate the game. That’s me. I can’t give you every stat but I understand what’s going on and I enjoy watching the game. That should be enough.

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