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10 Things I'm Grateful For

The other day I came across a '20 Day Mental Wellness Challenge'. The idea is that by giving a little back to yourself every day, your life will start to change for the better.

Day one started with going to bed an hour earlier than usual. While I definitely didn't fall asleep right away, I made the effort to put my phone down and put work away at 10pm. Day two brings me to this blog post, the task of journaling '10 Things I'm Grateful For'.

1. Friends, Family & Ted

2. Dogs

3. Planners

4. Cheerleading & other sports

5. Diversity

6. Technology

7. Education

8. Music

9. Shoes

10. Creativity

I encourage everyone to join in on this little challenge. It may not fix all the problems going on in our lives but, by making it a point to take care of ourselves, we might just come out stronger at the end of it.

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